Why it matters

Students are choosing to opt out of post-secondary education because they believe they can’t afford it.


Percentage of global population with a degree of any kind


Total outstanding student loan debt in the United States


Number of prospective students in the United States (+1B world wide)

Tuition Made Simple

Students can choose to pay for their tuition upfront, through installments, or by sharing a percentage of their future income with $0 down.

Eliminate Student Loans

Easy Enrollment 

Students use the SharePay Tuition Calculator to evaluate how their program selection, length of study, and existing expertise can be adjusted to fit their unique needs.

Double Enrollment Rates

Trusted & Secure

Throughout the time while the student learns, SharePay monitors student attendance, calculates income-based payments, and automates collections through distributed ledgers and blockchain smart contracts to protect student identity.

Drive Student Engagement

Free for Schools

By placing two lines of code on a school’s tuition checkout page, students can secure funding by opening a SharePay income sharing account. Schools receive a bulk of the tuition up front as well as monthly stipends based on student engagement.

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Nicolette Rankin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nicolette Rankin is an EdTech American entrepreneur and Harvard Business School case protagonist.  In her career, she has raised more than $120 million dollars in venture capital to grow some of the most trusted and profitable online schools in the world, including Open English, Next University, Good Unversity and Arena Education. She started SharePay to make quality education affordable, accessible, and achievable for everyone.

Lily Liu

Co-Founder, Board Member & Chief Operations Officer

Lily Liu is a social entrepreneur and tech startup advisor. She started PublicStuff, a platform enabling governments and residents to communicate, which raised over $7M and was acquired by Accela. At SharePay, she is focused on ensuring that the vision of democratizing affordable education comes to life. Lily was named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30′ top entrepreneurs and Business Insiders people to watch. She received her Master of Science from Carnegie Mellon University, is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, surfer and a lover of the arts.

Erin Grogan

Co-Founder, Board Member & Chief Financial Officer

Erin Grogan is a mission-driven finance leader and payments expert. She was the former the head of finance at YouCaring, a fundraising platform for personal and charitable fundraising, which processed over $300M in transactions per year, and was later sold to GoFundMe. Prior to joining YouCaring, Ms. Grogan was the head of finance at the University of San Francisco, School of Management from 2012 until 2016. She believes in using technology to make education accessible and drive societal change.

Nataliya Preiss

Co-Founder, Investor & Head of Business Development

Nataliya Preiss is a social change activist and economic development leader. She’s the founder of Teen Silicon Beach, an entrepreneurship program to foster development and promote student engagement.  Her mission behind SharePay is to bring income-based programs to create more equitable economic opportunities for everyone.


Lily LaPenna MBE

Senior Advisor & Head of Economic Development

Lily Lapenna MBE is the founder of MyBnk, which supports young people to become financially resilient. After having included financial education into the UK school curriculum, Lily now advises the public and private sector on financial inclusion and education. In 2017 Queen Elizabeth II honored Lily with an MBE in recognition of her work in financial services and entrepreneurship. She is excited about working at SharePay to democratize access to education to start with and eventually to apply the SharePay model across other human rights such as healthcare.
emily bush

Emily Bush

Senior Advisor & Head of Innovation Development

Emily Bush is Co-Founder of shEOS, a General Partner at Decentra Capital a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency focused hedge fund. She’s also an advisor to GoChain and Blockchain Strategist for VERSES.io. She’s excited about SharePay’s potential to give students ownership rights to their online identities.

About SharePay

SharePay is a mission-driven FinTech company focused on expanding educational access across the globe. We partner directly with colleges, universities, and other educational providers to help increase educational opportunity by reducing financial barriers to economic mobility.

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